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This project set out to display the beauty that can result from the regularity of math. You are invited to change the values in the query string to see different shapes. I list a few of my favorite ones below. Click on one of the links to see it.

i Increment The amount you want to change the motion by each time.
m Maximum This affects how long you want to run the plotting.
s Scale The zoom factor. Some graphs have more detail close up and some look better from far away.
d Dots These dots mark the points where the lines connect. They add a nice starry effect. You can choose to have them on or off
ds Dot Size The size of the dots.

Available Special Values

pi Math.PI
pau 1.5 * pi
tau 2 * pi
phi (1 + Math.sqrt(5)) / 2
silver 1+ Math.sqrt(2)
plastic 1.324717957244746
meh 22/7
e Math.E


Increment Scale Max Notes Link
5 any draw
e any draw
silver 10 draw
phi * phi 15 draw
2 * phi 25 & 1 draw
phi * phi 3 dots off draw
phi * phi any dots off, w: .05 draw
phi ^4 70 20000 draw
phi ^ 8 130 20000 draw
phi^10 70 20000 draw
phi^11 70 20000 draw
meh^12 130 draw