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Servant Leadership

Definition for Servant Leadership

“The student models servant leadership and equips others in a God-given direction through Christlike character, leadership capability, and love.”

Servant Leadership Goal

Start the process of making a book by going through the book writing process, writing a book proposal, and interacting with publishers.


  1. Writing a proposal for a book about sandwiches and exploring differences in culture from a common reference point. this book will include a sort of cookbook containing recipes gather during my own cross-cultural experiences.


  1. Friends
  2. Neighbors
  3. Coworkers
  4. Pastors
  5. Strangers


When people across many different walks of life can:

  1. see how artifacts of one culture have the same function as artifacts of another culture no matter how different they may be in form
  2. use this similarity to see the underlying similarities between peoples
  3. move from commonality in a small thing to exploring and enjoying differences with new friends.

then the intent of the book will seem to have been accomplished

Overall Reflection Statement for Servant Leadership

For my competence in servant leadership, I am submitting a proposal for a book which:

  • uses sandwiches as a starting place for exploring our similarities
  • promotes an ethos of togetherness first as against the current culture’s drive to divide on race and ethnicity lines
  • the ability  to engage with people who are different in a respectful manner even though it looks nothing like the current political and philosophical climate considers appropriate.

Life-long Learning

I intend to continue writing this book and to continue meeting with people and learning about them and their cultures.